Connie Handman “Kristie’s Crazy Christmas” Book Signing in December

Connie Handman will be signing copies of “Kristie’s Crazy Christmas” in KY next month.


Saturday December 01, 2018 1:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
Hamburg Pavilion
1932 Pavilion Way
Lexington, KY 40509

About the Author:

Connie Handman, a reading specialist, is an experienced educator. Her passion is to guide students into the excitement of finding their God-given talents and abilities, so they can reach their full potential. Thus, her goal is to get them turned on to understanding how valuable their life can be to the world in which they live. Reading quality material is one way to enrich their minds. She has taught preschool, elementary school, both public and private, GED, and Business College. She holds two Master Degrees-one in elementary education with a reading endorsement from the University of Kentucky and one in counseling from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies.

About the Book:

Hey, friend, get in! Strap in. Take a spin. Feel the wind, as you go way up and way down. To ride or not to ridethat is the question! Cause you dont ride with just anyone. Well, heres some info that should put your mind completely at ease.

Youll love this emotionally charged ride if you do mental gymnastics (like to pretend, imagine, daydream, or do anything else that works your brain); if you get high on racing horses, cats, or critters in general; if you go bonkers over special activities, like family vacations; or if you adore surprises!

So buy your tickets and come along. You cant go wrong!

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