Marian L. Thomas “The Caged Butterfly” Book Signing in November

Marian L. Thomas will be signing copies of “The Caged Butterfly” in GA this month.


Saturday November 17, 2018 11:00 AM
Barnes & Noble
Town Center Prado
50 Barrett Pkwy Suite 3000 Bldg. 3
Marietta, GA 30066

About the Author:

Marian L. Thomas enjoyed most of her early teen life in Oak Park, Illinois. Her first book, Color Me Jazzmyne, is a fictional account of a woman who rises up from a troubled past to become a well-known jazz singer. It has attracted many good reviews and is part of a three-book series. Ms. Thomas’ standalone novels include Aqua Blue, Blue Butterfly, and I Believe In Butterflies. Marian lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia.

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About the Book:

Who Would Think That One Act of Love Could Affect Four Generations?

On December 29, 1930, Mildred “Millie” Mayfield gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Addie.

Millie teaches Addie three things that she feels matters most in life; inner beauty, reading books and giving your “special something’ only to the man you marry.

Addie lives up to the first two.

On one autumn night in 1949, Addie falls for the irresistible red curls and vibrant green eyes of a young man from the other side of the railroad tracks. Neither knowing that the consequences of their love would have lasting effects.

Known as one of the greatest white jazz pianists in New York, Timmy Taylor never had a reason to question his identity – until truth and betrayal strike. Will Timmy be able to push past the pain?

Beautiful and talented, Nina Taylor inherited her father’s gift, but not his looks. Certain that’s how he made it big, she dives deep into a deadly obsession. Will Nina learn to love the skin she’s in before it’s too late?

Spanning from 1920 to 1996, this captivating tale of secrets, betrayal, and forgiveness will pull at the strings of your heart, and keep you turning pages while you pray for a happy ending.

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