Sonel Soulouque “My Side Income” Book Signing in August

Sonel Soulouque, a New Jersey-based teacher, micro-entrepreneur, and investor, will be signing copies of his book “My Side Income: 7 ways to put more money in your pocket” in NJ this week.


Saturday, August 11th, 2018 at 8 p.m.
Club Eclipse
247 Fabyan Pl
Newark, NJ 07112

About the Author:

Author Sonel Soulouque is a New Jersey-based teacher, micro-entrepreneur, and investor. In addition to founding and owning the online travel website,, he owns ATM machines, provides tax preparation and educational services. He holds a master’s degree from Montclair State University. He is a member of the County Educators Federal Credit Union board in Roselle Park, NJ. On March 6, 2018, he won the 2nd Runner Up prize in the Fix Your Business contest from the Small Biz sponsored by America’s # 1 Small Business Expert, Melinda Emerson. In this book, he gives you an inside look at the world of opportunities available to anyone who is willing to learn and venture a short distance outside their comfort zone.

About the Book:

My Side Income: 7 Ways to Put More Money in Your Pocket will help you generate income any time, anywhere. You will learn: • How to start a side business • How to decide which side business is right for you • How to avoid mistakes and pitfalls Looking for a raise? Some people have long known how to break free from the confines of a paycheck. Now you too can learn their secrets in Sonel Soulouque’s My Side Income. If you want to fast-track your financial growth, this book is for you. ~ Dwight Clough, Author, What I Believe About You, A Beautiful Christmas, and The Man from Sun Prairie My Side Income is a transformative, educational tool for anyone desiring to increase their earning potential. With the market and our economy fluctuating almost daily many people need additional streams of income. Reading and following the information and steps included in this book will surely guide you toward the goal of increased revenue. ~ A. Coachman, Business Education Teacher, EHS-Frank J. Cicarrell Academy My Side Income by Sonel Soulouque gives you strategies for putting more money in your pocket. You will walk away with ideas you can put to use, and you’ll refer back to this book often as you build your wealth. ~ C. McNamee, Financial Advisor Sonel is an entrepreneur and believes you can be one too! His take on the type of multiple avenues of income is both achievable and rewarding. Sonel has years of experience and his extensive knowledge on how you can be successful comes out in this book. He shows that everyone and anyone who has the desire to become successful, can. The groundwork is laid out simply and will help any new entrepreneur get started quickly. ~ Dennis Caceres, Mathematics Teacher, Elizabeth Public Schools “My Side Income” is a great read especially for a first time entrepreneur. Soulouque provides a step-by-step process on how to draw more income while pursuing a successful track to a plentiful business. He touches on ethics of holding a reputable business as well as engaging and knowing your potential customer. As a business owner, it can be demanding the first few years but the tips offered were easy to follow and worth it! ~ Jennifer Melgarejo, Educator and Photographer

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