Jermaine Jackson, Book Signing “You Are Not Alone”

Jermaine Jackson, one of the Jackson 5, will be signing copies of his book to be released by Touchstone on September 13, 2011, titled “You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes.”

The fourth child in the Jackson family, Jermaine is a singer, bassist and composer, and was co-lead singer of the legendary Jackson 5. The group signed with Motown Records in 1968. During this time, Jermaine also began a solo career. During the 1970s and 80s, he had several Billboard Top 30 hits, including “Let’s Get Serious” as well as “Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin” – a duet with Michael that reached #1 on the Dance chart. His 1980 album “Let’s Get Serious” earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. In recent years, Jermaine has appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK, as a guest judge on Australian Idol, and on the A&E television series The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty.

Book Signing Dates

9/17/11 1:00 PM
East Ridgewood Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ.

9/19/11 12:30 PM
Barnes & Noble
Fifth Avenue
New York, NY.

From the Publisher
An intimate, loving portrait of Michael Jackson—illuminating the private man like never before, offering unrivaled access into a rarefied world.

Jermaine Jackson—older than Michael by four years—offers a keenly observed and surprisingly candid memoir tracing Michael’s life starting with their shared childhood and extending through the Jackson 5 years, Michael’s phenomenal solo career, his loves, his suffering, and his tragic end which sparked worldwide grief. It is a sophisticated, no-holds-barred examination of the man, aimed at fostering a true and final understanding of who he was, why he was, and what shaped him.

Jermaine Jackson knows the real Michael Jackson like only a brother can. In this raw, honest, and poignant account, he reveals the Michael he knew so well and understood, perhaps better than anyone else—Michael the private person, not Michael “The King of Pop.” The Michael he started out with in a tiny house at 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana. The brother, the son, the father, the complex—the unknown Michael.

Jermaine will not flinch from tackling the tough issues. He covers it all: the torrid press, the scandals, the allegations, the court cases, the internal politics, the ill-fated AEG tour. But where previous works have presented only thin versions of a media construct, Jermaine will provide a glimpse into the complex heart, mind, and soul of a genius but troubled entertainer. As Michael’s confidante—and a witness to history on the inside—Jermaine Jackson is the only person qualified to deliver the real Michael and reveal his innermost thoughts, opinions, and emotions through the most headline-making episodes of his life.

Filled with keen insight, rich in anecdotes and behind-the-scenes detail, You Are Not Alone is the book for any true Michael Jackson fan, and for anyone trying to make sense of the troubled artist whose tragic death was so premature.


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