Molly Ringwald, Book Signing Event in California “Getting the Pretty Back”

Calypso Home St. Barth is hosting a book signing event with Molly Ringwald, Wednesday, May 25th 6pm to 8pm…featuring a special reading from her national bestseller Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick
If you are not able to attend this event next Wed, a signed first edition of her book is now available.

We’re having make-up giveaways by BECCA Cosmetics, a perfect lipstick tutorial by a celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Dempsey.
A selection of California artisan wines courtesy of BW Wine Group.
Plus a Raffle for Calypso Home merchandise.
Please come meet Molly, have a glass of wine and get your lips done. 🙂

Event Details
Wednesday, May 25th
6pm – 8pm
Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th St #39
Santa Monica, CA 90402

About Molly Ringwald
Vibrant, fun, stylish, and sexy, the iconic Molly Ringwald weaves together intimate stories and candid advice in a fully illustrated, girlfriend’s guide to life, style, and relationships

By Molly Ringwald

To her millions of fans Molly Ringwaldwill forever be sixteen. As the endearing and witty star of the beloved John Hughes classics Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink, Molly defined teenage angst, love, and heartbreak. While remembered eternally as the enviable high school princess Claire, or the shy, vulnerable Samantha, Molly Ringwald actually just celebrated her 43rd birthday! Facing a completely new, angst-inducing time in her life, she is embracing being a woman, wife, mother of three, actress, and best friend with her trademark style, candor, and humor—and now offers her personal stories and practical advice in the full-color, lushly illustrated paperback edition of her national best sellerGETTING THE PRETTY BACK (It Books, an Imprint ofHarperCollins; On Sale: April 26th, 2010; Paperback).

Part memoir, part style-guide, Getting the Pretty Backencourages every woman to become “the sexiest, funniest, smartest, best-dressed, and most confident woman that you can be.” Whether she’s discussing sex and beauty, personal style, travel and entertaining, motherhood, or friendships, Molly embodies the spirit of being fabulous at every age:

On prettiness: “Being pretty can be about style or outer beauty, true, but on a deeper, more fundamental level, it’s about learning to take care of yourself again. …At heart, prettiness is a state of mind. It’s a way of looking at things, of looking at ourselves. It’s the part of you that knows what you really want, that takes risks.”

On birthdays: “Here’s a secret: I actually like my age. Or rather, I like everything that I’ve learned as those years have accumulated. Whether it has to do with friendship, family, or falling in love, whether it involves acting, fashion, or motherhood, there’s nothing I would give up. (Well, okay, maybe I’d pass on the Dorothy Hamill haircut I got in the fourth grade).”

On making friends: “Very often we get stuck saying to ourselves that we are too old. The time for making new friends has passed. We treat friendship like a new language—if you didn’t pick it up in middle school, it’s too late. Why bother? This is far from the case. One of the advantages of being older is that you know yourself better—you know what traits really matter to you in a friend,

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