Dick Van Dyke, Book Signing in New York City

by Bonnie Godas.

About the author: Bonnie is an experienced  free lance writer/photographer in the Boston area. You can reach her at jbgo@verizon.net

On Wednesday, May 4,( thanks to the email alerts from Book Signing Central), I took the big train trip from Boston to New York’s Barnes and Noble in Union Square to attend a book signing by one of the most beloved and gifted people in the entertainment business, Mr. Dick Van Dyke who is promoting “Dick Van Dyke, My Lucky Life in and out of Show Business”-a memoir and forward by Carl Reiner.

With so many fans young and old crossing many generations, Mr. Van Dyke was welcomed with a thunderous applause. He seemed excited yet humbled by it all that had come to see him – all for different reasons. Perhaps it is their fond memories of seeing Bye Bye Birdie, Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang. And of course the iconic sitcom, “The Dick Van Dyke” show that helped to define American television today. With an informal and thoughtful interview by Tom Santopietro, Mr. Van Dyke talked candidly about his book that highlights both good times and the not so good experiences while sidetracking a bit with stories like meeting Buster Keaton and delighting us with a quick “Dick Van Dyke” soft shoe.

It was a wonderful experience and the book which I’m taking my time to finish is a remarkable, and honest account of the “Journey” of Mr. Van Dyke and how amazing life can be for one truly amazing man.

Thank you for reading my article. I am an experienced free lance writer/photographer in the Boston area and am interested in covering events particularly in the arts such as book signings and music reviews including live shows and new releases. If you are interested please reach me at jbgo@verizon.net .

Photos courtesy of Bonnie Godas

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