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“As an author I found the site to be very professional and informative. I have shared the site with several friends who gave very positive feedback and were impressed with the presentation of the material. Much time is saved as events are presented in chronological sequence. An added benefit is the search Engine, should you have a specific author in whom you are interested. It could take hours to find this type of information as opposed to minutes since everything is already posted and prepared for viewing.”
-Marie Elaina Gordon




“I attended the Jeff Bridges CD signing event, and if it wasn’t for this web site, I would have never known about it. The information provided on the web site gave me enough to know where the location was and what time it started. I attended the event without any issues and had a great time there as well. Thank you for everything. If it wasn’t for this web site, it would have never happened. Thanks again!”
-Andrew Cosmo





“You have the most concise listing, I know where and when they will be and occasionally I come across one out of my area but I can either still attend due to traveling for work or sometimes I can get one of these signed and shipped.”
-Ed Redmond


“I’ve been a dealer in signed books for over a decade and find your site extremely useful. Even though I think I do a good job of having my ear to the ground as far as signing events go, your site always makes me aware of some that weren’t on my radar. Love it!”
-Bill Ford


“It’s hard to keep up to date on all my favorite authors so it’s nice to have it all in one place.”
-Stella Pugliese


“I wanted to add a comment. Last week I got an e-mail that they heard there might be tickets on sale for The Three Kings in Washington DC. (Stephen King & Family). I click on the link and before I knew it I had the tickets to an event that has been sold out. It was all because of you I and my family have the chance of a life time to see Stephen King and we will be able to meet him and have him sign a book for us. Thank you from our family. Your a friend. Keep posting things for us all. How Great Life is to have someone like this in our lives.”
Allen J, Michigan


“I have missed one of my fave celebs doing a book signing before and i wanted to sign up for your site so it wouldnt happen again. I enjoy the emails and the celebs and authors doing signing.”

“A good resource for book signings. I can look at the calendar and find upcoming signings. Then if I’m not in the area, I can usually call and order a book..Saves lots of time. Otherwise I would have to do google searches and I would have to know if an actor, writer, etc had written a book.”
-Margaret Rushton


“You are able to keep me up to date as to who and where some of the biggest names are signing. I was able to get tickets to the Stephen King signing and went with my son my 1st time getting to meet him. Also if they are far away it gives me the chance to call and try and order books from the signing. Yes it saves a lot of search time and also some that I would not have found to begin with. I can usually find anything related to signings as I have been doing it for over 20 tears and have a great list of sites I use all the time to find out what is going on but you always have the biggest ones listed in one place tight in my in box.”
-Russell llg


“Without your information I would not know about most of the signing events I’ve attended or I would not have known enough in advance to have made plans to attend. Also, information on book signings outside of my area has been particularly helpful for me to use so that I might contact a bookstore where a signing will or has occurred to obtain a signed book from their event. It saves me several hours or more per month.”
-John Gladden


“This site was a God send when I found it.”
-Jackie Lewchenko


“This is valuable because is saves me time and allows me to plan ahead for travel, hotels and time off work if I want to attend an event. There are no events here in Maine, so I have to plan ahead. Your site is awesome for someone like me. I save a ton of time! I probably would NOT be looking at book signing events otherwise. I love to collect autographs, but to find this kind of information is a PITA. Your site makes it one stop shopping! Your site has actually INSPIRED myself and my wife to attend a book signing (Stephen King Full Dark No Stars in NH). We had a BLAST, THANK YOU!!

I’m planning a vacation in NYC for October, your site will save me a ton of time looking to see who will be there signing when I’m there. Again, your site is inspiring me to go. It combines two of my hobbies, collecting autographs and reading. I love it! You have tons of information readily available, it’s easy to navigate, user friendly. You send out timely emails with tons of information. I actually think your site is perfect the way it is. Keep up the good work!”
-Steve McLain


“As a collector of signed books of my favorite authors, knowing when, where, how, etc. a signing will take place gives me invaluable pre-knowledge to get tickets, make time off and travel arrangements, etc. It saves me the trouble of researching signings, and really many I just would not have known about if it wasn’t for your service.”
-Cyndy Geier


I have been wanting to go to a Stephen King book signing for the last few years. Now thanks to your website I will be able to keep track of his future signings and hopefully attend. Yes, I have not been able to find a website like yours by searching google — although I am sure they exist, they have just been harder to locate. The email registration was straight forward so that I didn’t have to bother looking through your site’s search engine to find it, very nicely done.
-Josh Southerland


“I would have never known that Dick Van Dyke was having a signing if it wasn’t for This website is so easy to use and it has everything all in one spot – I don’t need to spend hours surfing the net to find what I need! Thank you and keep up the good work!!!”
-Tanya Nieves


“It helps me with information when someone I’d like to see is doing a signing in another state nearby. It’s not normally information I come across otherwise. Yes, I’m sure I save quite a bit of time. I can’t quantify it, but I have no doubt it takes a lot of fruitless searching out of my surfing.”
-Stan Timmons


“Of utmost value of course, is merely knowing about the event ~ your website is a great one-stop-shop for learning of upcoming events in my area and/or by a person of interest. Not only does your site make me aware of the events, but then provides me the necessary information regarding it. Keep up the good work!”
-Lee Edgar


“Book Signing Central is the easiest, most convenient way to find out about book signings both locally and nationally.”
-Bryan Chan


“I was able to meet and have a book signed by Sarah Palin, a great honor for me. I also look forward to attending a Stephen King signing in my area which I thought would never happen. Both of these events were brought to my attention by your site. I really doubt that I would have found out about Sarah Palin. I might have found out about Stephen KIng, but it would have just been luck if I had decided to research something else which led me to the book signing.”
-Jim Roberts


“Very valuable information. Sometimes book stores do not post signings with enough time for me to plan, but you do.”
Nanette Nelson


“It’s nice to find out when your fave author or celeb is doing a signing”
-Kerry Digiandomenico


“I frequently travel and its so useful to access the website to see if there is a book signing in the area. This is how i met Mary Kay Andrews. I had a great time. I would have to google each author individually and then of course I would forget some and miss out. This is also a great way to meet a new author or a celebrity who has a book.”
-Hula Hickey


“I have always wanted to meet my favorite drummer Joey Kramer, but the Meet & Greet tickets for Aerosmith concerts are way out of my budget. I was able to meet Kramer AND get an autograph on my copy of his book “Hit Hard” by attending a presentation and book signing that was FREE in October 2010. If you want to meet your favorite celebrity, book signings are the way to go!” -Karen Kemp, Watertown NY


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