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Have you seen this? We have developed a brand new event detail page so you can find the information you need in a simple and effective manner.

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Here are some of the new layout features:

  • The “Details” area now shows you the time, date, and the categories that the event falls under.
  • The Venue area now has the complete address along with phone number in case you need to buy tickets to an event.
  • To the right you will find a new interactive Google Map that shows location.
  • You can now add the event to GOOGLE CALENDAR
  • You can now add the event to ICAL Import.
  • Filter by location and category.



From one of our recent subscribers:

[quote]“Book Signing Central offers important information and it is convenient to locate and participate.” – Alice [/quote]

Never Miss Another Book Signing Again

Meet Popular Authors, Celebrities, Sports Icons, World Politicians, Artists, Musicians, etc. Get 24/7 Online Access to Thousands of Events by a Wide Range of Authors.

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Dear Friend,

What is the fascination with meeting an author? For fans, a book signing event is most often the best means of meeting their favorite author, celebrity, sports hero, rock star or television personality. A signing event gives you the opportunity of face-to-face and one-on-one time to connect with a celebrated individual. With your favorite film and television stars, it sure beats standing behind a barricade at a premiere (the opportunity for which is usually limited to New York, LA or Toronto) in hopes of catching a brief glimpse and if you’re very lucky, a hurried signature. And for your favorite rock legends, an increasing number of who release memoirs each year, it definitely beats shelling out upwards of $1,500 to spend 5 minutes on a pre-concert meet-and-greet, getting a handshake and a photo.

In short, book signings are the most cost effective way of meeting these people, and doing so in an environment that allows you guaranteed one-on-one time. For your favorite authors, book signings are not only the most effective means of making a connection; they are usually the only way. Book signings are a great opportunity to personally connect with your favorite author or celebrity, tell them why you love their work, and get a personalized autograph. The author may also add a short message to the reader, called a dedication.

Book signing events are also a gold mine for collectors and dealers. Getting the author’s signature augments the value of a book for collectors who are looking to increase the value of their personal library, resell the book later, or both. Why both? Because usually the author will sign more than one copy for event attendees, as well as sign additional copies for the hosting venue for future sale. For dealers, an author’s signature without a dedication is typically more valuable; notable exceptions of course are when the book is dedicated to another person of renown. Increasingly, many authors spend a great deal of time touring and signing their book. Both the author and the hosting venue benefit from the sale of books as well as from the word-of-mouth attention to both the book and the venue that follows an event. These events add momentum to book sales and increase the presence of the hosting venue (usually a bookstore). [box]

Finally! The Most Authors. The Most Events. All in One Place.

[/box] [hr] [quote]I attended the Jeff Bridges CD signing event, and if it wasn’t for this website, I would have never known about it. The information provided on the website gave me enough to know where the location was and what time it started. I attended the event without any issues and had a great time there as well. Thank you for everything. If it wasn’t for this website, it would have never happened. Thanks again! —Andrew Cosmo[/quote] [hr]

Thousands of Signing Events Planned

There are thousands of signing events planned in the near future. Now you can find them all in one place, consolidated, so you don’t have waste your valuable time jumping around from site to site looking, in many cases finding information that is not reliable and not accurate. Welcome to Book Signing Central. With your membership, you’ll get book signing event information from across the United States, automatic email notification alerts, downloadable bonus eBooks, chances to win signed books in our members-only contests, and most importantly, the most reliable information found anywhere.

We know that lots of folks would love the opportunity of getting an autograph of their favorite movie star or rock star, and we provide you with plenty of information on when and where you can do that. At the same time, unlike other event websites, Book Signing Central also focuses on authors of fiction, non fiction, self-help, science, education, politics, economics and more. We especially love it when we can direct you to a local author in your area to support. That’s something you won’t likely find with other consolidated online resources.

We spend hundreds of hours to research, organize, and publicize all the events on our website, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time. We post every day, every hour, and even every minute… giving you loads of content so you don’t feel you are wasting your money. And here’s the best part. We’re going to let you in on a little secret: even if your favorite author is not currently coming to a signing location near you, with the author’s events schedule at your fingertips, you can still contact the hosting venue and get a signed book. They are almost always more than happy to make the sale and ship your signed book to you!

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It’s all about convenience.

So how convenient would it be to have all signing events consolidated in one location? How much time would that save you from scouring the Internet to get the same information on an on-going basis? Sign up now and find out. [/box] [quote]“This is valuable because is saves me time and allows me to plan ahead for travel, hotels and time off work if I want to attend an event. …. Your site is awesome for someone like me. I save a ton of time! I probably would NOT be looking at book signing events otherwise. I love to collect autographs, but to find this kind of information is a PITA. Your site makes it one stop shopping! Your site has actually INSPIRED myself and my wife to attend a book signing (Stephen King Full Dark No Stars in NH). We had a BLAST, THANK YOU!! I’m planning a vacation in NYC for October, your site will save me a ton of time looking to see who will be there signing when I’m there. Again, your site is inspiring me to go. It combines two of my hobbies, collecting autographs and reading. I love it! You have tons of information readily available, it’s easy to navigate, user friendly. You send out timely emails with tons of information. I actually think your site is perfect the way it is. Keep up the good work!” -Steve McLain[/quote] [quote]“As a collector of signed books of my favorite authors, knowing when, where, how, etc. a signing will take place gives me invaluable pre-knowledge to get tickets, make time off and travel arrangements, etc. It saves me the trouble of researching signings, and really many I just would not have known about if it wasn’t for your service.” -Cyndy Geier[/quote]

Become a Member and Get…

[hr] [twocol_one]

Calendar of Events

For the fastest and most efficient means of locating events in your area (or an area you’ll be visiting) you can make great use of the Events Calendar. It’s color-coded by popular states, so you can quickly scan for events and see if the date is feasible for your schedule, with no need to read or even launch the event page.

Sort by Location

Sorting events by location makes finding events in your desired area a snap. Much more efficient than endless scrolling and scanning for your area that you’ll find on other event websites!

Search by Author, Title, or Location

Did you hear about your favorite author giving a book signing in some state and would like to see if the author is coming to yours too? You can use the convenient search bar to type in the author, title, state, or any combination thereof. You can also find the information by State, City, or Topic.

“On The Radar”

We’ll also keep you in the know on authors that have upcoming releases. We’re now heading into the heavy book-release season of the year, so this is a great way for you to get an advanced idea of who might be doing a book tour, well before it’s even announced.

Autograph Expos

How’d you like the opportunity of getting numerous signings all in one shot? Conventions and Expos are the way to go. We give you information on not only the huge events like Con and SXSW, but many conventions you might not have been aware of. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Featured Events

The Featured Events section gives you a quick look at the heavy hitters — huge names, from authors, to presidents, to legendary sports figures. It’s something to keep your eye on because these people usually do lengthy and nationwide book tours. So if you don’t see them in your area yet, chances are good they will be coming to a major city near you eventually.

Popular Categories

Are you a collector of a specific genre? Are you a collector of, say, sports memoirs or rock music memoirs? The Popular Categories links let you search by categories, including artists, children’s literature, adult literature, comedy, cooking, film and TV personalities, sports figures, radio personalities, musicians, politicians and more.

Email Notifications

By becoming a member, you’ll automatically receive the added bonus of periodic email notifications of Featured Events and contests to win signed books. You can also create email alerts about specific authors, specific locations, or both.

Social Media

We invite you to follow us on Twitter and also to like us on Facebook. It’s just another way to receive fast and timely information, so you can follow up on getting the full details through your Book Signing Central Total Access membership.

No Ads

Let’s face it. Ads are annoying. As a member, you will enjoy our service without any intrusive ads to get in the way of the information you need. [/twocol_one_last] [hr]

Sign Up Today and Get These Additional 2 Bonuses

[twocol_one] [box] [toggle hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”white” title_open=”Rare Book Collector’s Guide” title_closed=”Rare Book Collector’s Guide” ] A downloadable eBook. Inside you will learn… [unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Determining the True Value of Collectible Books
  • Top 5 Reasons to Collect First Editions
  • What Makes Books Rare
  • Identifying a First Edition
  • What Makes Books Rare
  • Library Care

[/unordered_list] -and much more.. [/toggle] [/box] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] [box] [toggle hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”white” title_open=”BSC Insider Report” title_closed=”BSC Insider Report” ] An eBook with answers to commonly asked questions: [unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Where are good places to get book signed?
  • How can I prove that autograph is authentic?
  • Which part of the book should I get signed?
  • Why do some authors only sign with an inscription?
  • How many copies of a book can I get autographed?
  • Can I get a photograph with the author?

[/unordered_list] [/toggle] [/box] [/twocol_one_last] [hr] [quote]As an author I found the site to be very professional and informative. I have shared the site with several friends who gave very positive feedback and were impressed with the presentation of the material. Much time is saved as events are presented in chronological sequence. An added benefit is the search Engine, should you have a specific author in whom you are interested. It could take hours to find this type of information as opposed to minutes since everything is already posted and prepared for viewing. -Marie Elaina Gordon [/quote] [box]

Book Signing Central makes it easy. We Find All the Events for You, So You Don’t Have To.

[/box] Arrow - Hand Drawn Black “One stop shopping” is the key. With a comprehensive list of a wide range of authors and events taking in major cities across the nation, conveniently found all at one source, you can plan your events well in advance and get a jump on securing tickets for events that sell out fast (some events sell out within hours).



Plan your travel With all the information right at your fingertips, searchable within the site by name, state and area of interest, you’ll not only have access to events happening right in your town, but those within your region. For business travelers, it’s a great resource for planning to add an event that coincides with your traveling schedule. Even if you cannot attend a specific event, you’ll have all the information you need to contact the venue and get a signed book set aside and mailed to you.

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackSave yourself the time and headache No more scouring the Internet, searching for information on individual sites, or keeping tabs on all of your local bookstores (who often publicize the event long after we do). Instead, get 24/7 Access to reliable, accurate and timely information. The drop-down menu for your state makes it even easier to locate events of interest in a timesaving manner, giving you the ability to quickly scan for names in the current and upcoming months.


Reap the benefits of membership! Members-only contests give you the exclusive opportunity of winning books signed by your favorite authors and celebrities. And the BCS Insider Report gives you expert advice on how to optimize your book signing experience, with tips on everything from what to look for when making your book purchase to ensure you are getting a pristine copy, to getting the most out of your time with the author.


Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackBe surprised! Automatic emails not only make it easier for you to know when your favorite authors are going on a book signing tour; they’re also a great means of finding out information on ones you might not have thought of.


Create a lasting memory for yourself or someone in your life.

For many people, book signing events are the best means of meeting their favorite author, celebrity, sports hero, rock star or television personality. They are also a wonderful way to give that gift to someone else. Book signings are a great opportunity to get a photo with your favorite author or celebrity, connect with them, tell them why you love their work, and get a personalized autograph.

Increase the value of your collection.

Book signing events are a gold mine for collectors, whether you are looking to increase the value of your library or enhance your autograph collection with an addition from your favorite celebrity. Avid book collectors, you know the value that a signature adds to your book; and autograph seekers, we know you never miss an opportunity to add to your collection. [hr]

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What Others Are Saying

[quote]“I’ve been a dealer in signed books for over a decade and find your site extremely useful. Even though I think I do a good job of having my ear to the ground as far as signing events go, your site always makes me aware of some that weren’t on my radar. Love it!” -Bill Ford[/quote] [quote]“It’s hard to keep up to date on all my favorite authors so it’s nice to have it all in one place.” -Stella Pugliese[/quote] [quote]“Without your information I would not know about most of the signing events I’ve attended or I would not have known enough in advance to have made plans to attend. Also, information on book signings outside of my area has been particularly helpful for me to use so that I might contact a bookstore where a signing will or has occurred to obtain a signed book from their event. It saves me several hours or more per month.” -John Gladden[/quote] [quote]“This site was a God send when I found it.” -Jackie Lewchenko[/quote] [box]

…but don’t take their word for it. Sign up now and find out for yourself.

[/box] About Us Book Signing Central is an event information service with a focus on author events, book signings, and autograph expos. In addition to a complete access to our upcoming events database, your membership also includes book collecting resources, publisher news, contests, and much more. There is never any obligation and you may cancel your subscription at any time. Thank you for signing up. Please forward questions to

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